Sky Iris was set up by Nick at the start of 2016 after years of work as a lighting camera operator, editor and producer for customers such as Disney, Mobil 1 and 20th Century Fox. Nick is now using that experience for customers of Sky Iris.

After an initial meeting Nick hired Bamb to design his new logo. Wanting a strong fun image with a nod towards early pioneering aviation.

We started by sketching a few ideas based on Nick’s specification to see what had potential and what didn’t.

Sky Iris Bamb Sketch Logo Designs Eastbourne East Sussex

Having a stronger idea of what was working and having looked at the industry both locally, nationally and internationally, we took to Illustrator to play with some vector shapes and work up a more refined proof to show Nick.

One design in particular started to take shape that we really liked and would lend itself to a vintage aviation style.

Sky Iris Work in Progress design artboard Bamb Eastbourne East Sussex

Colours were absolutely key and for us there was only one colour combination that gave that vintage armed forces look.

Having drawn up our proof of the logo and how it can be extended throughout the branding, we presented Nick with the design and the colours explaining the reasons for our strategy and design.

Sky Iris Colour Logo Design by Bamb Eastbourne East Sussex

Nick wanted to take a day to think about it as it was different to what he had expected, but to our pleasure we were given the go ahead the following day and six months later he loves it to bits.

It’s great working for small start up businesses and watching the progression as they grow in the world with our design as their identity.

Nick Sky Iris Branding by Bamb Eastbourne East Sussex

If you are interested in an aerial video with the highest level of quality then let us know and we will happily put you in touch with Nick.