Running a small business can mean a lot of processes to design a new brand or a website. Some of these processes can be creative, strategic or methodical.

Bamb hope to show both the academically confident and those who lack confidence, that there is a place for every level of ability within the creative and digital industry.

Alex is a former student of Eastbourne Academy (then Hampden Park) and due to his personal experience, has a particular interest in showing pupils who lack confidence, that if they can be open to trying new things and turning failure into a positive, then every attempt is a step closer to finding an area that suits them.

Dan is self taught, having worked in an industry he didn’t enjoy, he decided to explore his interest in design and used online learning platforms to teach himself the fundamentals of web design and web development. Small and large businesses trust Dan to deliver what is arguably the most powerful tool for any modern organisation.

Kim also found something she was good at through unorthodox methods. Working for an estate agents at the time, they had paid a graphic designer to produce a poster and were disappointed with the end result. Kim said “I could design something instead”. That was the start of finding a discipline that she enjoyed and excelled in.

Eastbourne Academy and Bamb have some exciting plans, not your usual group talks that may not inspire those who need it most, but creative projects that will give students the chance to be a part of the planning, sales, customer service, strategy, branding, design and delivery of a project that will be used in the real world.

We hope this is the start of a long term relationship and one that will see Bamb working from Eastbourne Academy on a regular basis and making a real difference to the students that need it most.

More news will follow and regular updates will be posted on our social media channels.