Solving a problem.

For us design is about solving problems using the best solution we can at that particular point in time. We seem to discuss trends on a regular basis, mostly because we are trying to work out what trend, solves what problem.

To give you an idea of the trends we are talking about, features such as parallax scrolling, background video, lazy load, sliders and flat design to name just a few.

When thinking about what features we will use on websites, we always make sure it has a purpose. So if a client needs to show a lot of images; we may suggest a ‘lazy load’ feature. Another client might want viewers to understand their style or atmosphere, so a background video may be a good solution.

It is always sad to see a feature being used just because it’s fashionable. No matter how trendy a feature is, if it doesn’t help the end user engage or understand what they are seeing, then it will do little to improve your organisation.

Make sure it serves a purpose.

If your agency can’t explain why their design feature exists, or worse yet says because it looks cool, then it might be wise to research what you are being sold and maybe even get a second opinion.

As long as your supplier is focused on everything for reason and it’s a decision based on the agreed focus of your organisation, then not only will you be making a much better investment, you will end up with a design that works for the longterm.

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Alex, Kim & Dan