After a lot of time saving up and not being able to resist the odd ride, we finally finished the Bamb vs Geoff Roberts bicycle with a beautiful handmade leather saddle and grips by Brooks.

Bamb Custom Bicycle Eastbourne Seafront East Sussex

The hardest part about being able to request anything from a custom bicycle is restricting ideas and not going too far. It was a tough choice but we decided to go white, with only the Geoff Roberts and Bamb logo in black. The main reason to keep it so simple was to show the beauty of Geoff’s welding and the symmetry of the frame tubes.

Bamb Custom Steel Bicycle with Brooks accessories Eastbourne East Sussex

As for bicycle set up, again we wanted it stripped right back, so no gears or needless accessories. Single speed, no disc brakes, traditional metal pedals, little modern touches like black spokes and white stripes on the tyres. We just focused on everything being white, black or chrome.

Bamb Custom Bicycle Brooks leather grips Eastbourne East Sussex

Lastly we needed to get some leather on the bike, we looked no further than Brooks for the saddle and grips. This was a chance to just push the overall look and against some concerns that brown leather wouldn’t go with a black and white bike, we decided to commit and go for it.

Bamb Custom Bicycle Brooks Saddle Eastbourne East Sussex

Seeing it finished we’re massively proud of our bicycle, it’s too good to hang it on the studio wall as an ornament, especially knowing how people react to it. We’ve had lycra clad cyclists overtake with a “nice bike!” or a special moment when an elderly gent told us it reminded him of his old steel bicycle and how he misses cycling so much.

Bamb Bicycle Brooks Brown Leather Saddle Eastbourne East Sussex

The bicycle has often been described as being ‘very Sussex’ so before we use it too much, we decided to wake up at 4.30am ready for the early soft light and make the most of the lovely Eastbourne seafront and shoreline.

Bamb Custom Steel Bicycle Eastbourne Seafront East Sussex

Bamb White Black Custom Bicycle Eastbourne Seafront East Sussex

We hope you like the bike as well. Let us know if you’re interested in having a custom bicycle made by Geoff Roberts and we’ll put you in touch.