Google Apps For Work

We use Google Apps every day. It is probably the first thing we log into each morning to check our inbox and work from our list of current jobs.

Google Apps is a paid for service, think of it like Gmail but with the ability to use your domain name, so rather than or we can use our domain with each Google Apps user having kim@ dan@ studio@ or any other prefix to the domain we require. Recipients of our emails receive the emails just like any other professional account.

The user interface of Google Apps is clean and easy to navigate, it is easy to access from any device and being Google there is a plethora of add-on and apps that can work alongside your email, documents or calendar.

Collaboration is key to working well as a modern team and by using Google Apps each member of Bamb knows when a meeting is booked in, whether they’re invited, real time changes to shared documents such as job lists or databases and we can jump into a Google Hangout which is an easy to use group video call service.

If you’re looking to move away from a complicated email service or a service that keeps you tethered to your office then Google Apps can be a powerful tool at the foundation of your Start Up.

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We may not log in to Dropbox on a daily basis, but that’s because Dropbox is such an essential tool for Bamb that our Macbooks and iMacs are always integrated with this powerful storage application.

Bamb is responsible for 200GB of working or recent design files and our clients rely on our duty of responsibility to backup their designs.

Dropbox is a free tool up to a point, but any professional design agency will need to pay for more storage than the allocation to free users. It is still a very low cost app considering how easy it can make your working life or free up valuable space on your system.

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More and more people are using Slack and this is also an app that people can use with a free account.

Bamb uses Slack for our internal communication tool. We can set up channels for every design project we are working on, with each team member able to keep a running commentary of progression, ask other team members questions or just have back and forth discussions without clogging up our inbox.

We even have channels to discuss our banking, internal projects and marketing. Users can also send others users Direct Messages or open private channels that are invite only.

Slack has a great app for mobile devices and can be integrated with Dropbox amongst other applications.

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So Insightly has been around for a while but is relatively new to Bamb after being recommended as a way to manage our customer data.

By integrating Insightly with Google Apps every member of Bamb has a handle tool bar that sits inside of our email interface. With a simple hover over an email from a new contact we can add details to our database quickly and easily without disturbing our workflow.

Prior to say a monthly email to our customers, we can simply check our recent new client folders and add multiple new contacts from each member that goes to building our main database.

Managing leads, projects and tasks can help day to day work alongside Slack, because while Slack is used by Bamb as the app for internal communications, Insightly is the overall tool for milestones and timelines, giving any of us the information we need on a specific project.

We will no doubt be learning more about Insightly as the months go on but even now as a tool for managing contacts and tasks, we know it is a long term solution.

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Still our go to social app, Twitter enables each member of Bamb to stay in the loop regarding the work being put out by our peers and the talented designers we love to follow, it gives Bamb an overview of our industry and can be the start of new relationships with likeminded people.

As well as the benefit of following suitable twitter accounts, it also gives Bamb a platform to talk about what’s important to us, what we believe in so our followers can get to know us and we also showcase some of our more creative projects.

Dan, Kim and Alex all have personal accounts as well as an overall account for Bamb and that gives us the chance to represent ourselves individually and openly bounce of each other when tweeting.

We hope Twitter manages to keep going for the long term as it’s done so much for Bamb as a design agency and continues to be a great outlet for our open communication.

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