Formula 1 Knowledge Book

At the very start of the project, the Bamb team visited bookshops and libraries to get a broad idea of Formula 1 books, past and present. It was great to surround ourselves in books and get away from our screens. The client also had a private library that contained hundreds of books as well as some really exciting memorabilia.

After deciding to use a bold colour and two photos from different eras for the cover, it was all about being disciplined with the content. It would have been easy to go over the top, but remembering to always consider the content and the reader was paramount to a successful design.

Kim chose a great set of fonts to use throughout, as well as a page layout with just enough white space to create an easy read. The tables of data are presented in a simple but effective design.

Proofing the design was a big job and we have to admit to under estimating the overall time needed on a project this data heavy, but once we received our sample copies it made those weeks and weeks of fine tuning well worth the effort.

Formula 1 The Knowledge is being stocked in bookshops in the UK, Europe, America and now Australia. It contains thousands of statistics ranging from grid positions throughout the years, to engine manufacturers based on Grand Prix wins, one for the F1 addicts!

Let us know if you want a copy as a gift for yourself or a loved one, as we’ve been offered a discount to anyone who orders through Bamb.

Bamb Formula 1 Book design cover angle

Bamb Formula 1 Book design cover

The spine of a Formula 1 Book designed by Bamb Eastbourne East Sussex

Inside image page spread of Formula 1 book designed by Bamb Eastbourne East Sussex

Rear cover design of Formula 1 book by Bamb Eastbourne East Sussex