Custom Photography

Professional design and the way you present yourself to the world is important, but to really push your marketing beyond that of your competitors, you can do a lot worse than hiring a commercial photographer.

A good photographer will deliver a custom library of images you can draw from throughout the year and maybe to document a special occasion such as an event.

Your customers and prospective customers can buy in to your personality when you have a face to face meeting, but to maintain or showcase you or your businesses personality through print or your website, having your own images makes a big difference.

Professional level photography that is specific to you, your workspace, your staff, your culture and your customers, extends that personality to your marketing collateral and helps you stand out amongst competitors who might still be using ‘off the shelf’ stock photography like this hellish image!

An example of poor stock photography people sometimes use on websites

Check out a few photography projects we have commissioned, nothing is staged, it’s just our customers working and ignoring the camera while either Alex or our trusted supplier finds the story within the work being provided.

Event Photography at a Brighton Restaurant

Photo by Bamb of people enjoying a food event in Brighton

Photograph of a Dog being Groomed

Photo taken by Bamb of a dog being groomed

Photography of Pet Pals working with Care Homes

A photo by Bamb of a woman interacting with a dog at Chaseley Trust Eastbourne